Grace Goodluck | OSA


After the election of Donald Trump, Grace Goodluck, a senior majoring in political science at Kent State and co-chair of Kent State’s Ohio Student Association (OSA), felt like she couldn’t sit around and feel bad about the results, she had to do something. Along with OSA, they organized an event at “the rock” with others who were affected by the election. She stood in the cold, windy weather listening to people’s reactions of the results and their fears of the upcoming presidency at their “wall of love.”

Goodluck has been a part of OSA for two years helping the organization focus on economic justice and higher education reform. When she first joined, she helped campaign to raise the 16-hour credit cap to 18, saving many students money.

“The thing I’m centered in is how do I be a compassionate, kind person? That brings me to things related to justice. So how do I make the world a better place for everyone? And how do I make it equitable to everyone?” she says.

Goodluck is also part of a newer organization called the Student Power Coalition (SPC). She says that it “came about through a group chat in the middle of the night” right after the “wall of love” event. SPC is the force behind the sanctuary campus initiative and the Betsy DeVos walk-out in early February.

“It was really cold and snowing and we still had like 100 people that showed up and we were just out there on the ‘K.’ Getting that many people when it’s cold and the middle of the week, that’s really powerful,” she says.

Story by Itzel Leon

Photos by Megan Waddel