The Flashettes

Lacy Talley thought of the idea for the Flashettes dance team with friends. After taking a look at the university cheerleading and dance teams, Talley decided there was a need for representation. “We went to one of the (basketball) games, and… we saw a lack of diversity at the game, and we just wanted to improve that,” Talley says. “I feel like Kent State needs a group like this because it shows another population that isn’t represented.”

The team quickly worked their way up the performance ladder. At first they’d dance at random campus events, such as step shows and freshman welcome weekend. They were eventually invited to participate in the annual homecoming parade. Now, they have become a staple at home basketball games.

As president and another founding member, Angelica White uses the necessity of representation as motivation for leading the Flashettes. Despite the fact that she’s graduating in May, White has an agenda for next season: She wants to secure a future for the Flashettes. In the beginning, honestly, I wanted to be a part of something at Kent State,” White says. “Something that could build a legacy at Kent.”

The type of dance the Flashettes specialize in is majorette, a style made famous by historically black colleges across the country. To White, bringing majorette to Kent State, a predominantly white institution, would mean showing minorities that their culture matters.

“We’re accepting of anybody and want everybody to be a part of (the team),” White says. “(We want) to create awareness and to create something where people can feel comfortable being here; for people whose culture isn’t as bright here. I think they can come here and feel a part of something as well as still feel incorporated within our school by performing at a game.”

Story by McKenzie Jean-Philippe

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